Thursday, March 26, 2015


Unidentified Fashion Obsession

Yeah I'm super lame for posting that, but I just couldn't help myself.
My fashion sense seems to have gone missing. Ever since I packed up and moved away from Manhattan to a small town my sense of personal style has taken a major nose dive. A lot has been thrown at me since I moved so I can't blame it entirely on small-town living, but lemme tell you, there is little to no fashion inspiration here. The outfit of choice in this college town happens to be very relaxed and very sporty... aka very opposite from what I typically lean towards style-wise. 
But as the months have gone on I've come to realize that my wardrobe has suffered. I have found myself mostly dressing in jeans *AHK!* and t-shirts! 
what the hell?? that is so not like me. 
I haven't had any decent outfits to post on here or instagram and I really need to fix that asap!
So, I've been scouring pinterest for some good outfit inspiration, and while I don't really feel like I'm leaning towards one particular style at the moment (hence the cheesy title of this post) I thought I'd gather some of my favorites here.

So there you have it, a bit of mixy-matchy fashion inspiration.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Project Meadham Kirchhoff

As you dear reader, are most likely fully aware my obsession with Meadham Kirchoff (particularly their footwear) has come to a full firey passion. So what do I do about it? I create my very own pair!
It took me a while to find a pair of shoes to be my base but I decided to go with UNIF's hella jelly in pink! Not only are they sky-high and a similar shape to the ones I'm mimicking, but they were reasonably priced and I figured they'd be easier to work with than some of my other candidates.

The mission was to turn these ^^^ into these...
Now I decided to leave out the multi-colored glitter in the center, and just left the pink-jelly sparkles instead. But I managed to find gold and pink lame and baby pink marabou feathers.
So as soon as my supplies came in, I got crackin!

Little known fact,  Toulouse is a great little helper and has amazing taste!

And the finished product!

I know they aren't perfect, but I'm pretty proud of them and can't wait to prance around my house in them!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spring is Coming!

I've been feeling particularly inspired as of late. It may have come with my recent mood boost, or perhaps I've just been lucky enough to come across a whole host of beautiful things bursting with inspiration. I've also been in a crafty mood, so the two of these have been a wonderful combination for me. (finally!)
So what better way to organize my inspirations and gab on about them a bit than to do a blog post about them!? I do feel bad that I haven't been contributing any original content to my blog (at all) lately but I have been meaning to go out and shoot with my baby 35mm so hopefully I will actually do that and post them here! 
But for now, here's yet another inspiration post.

Antique Headwear

Boudoir caps, tiaras, veils and headbands adorned in lace, silk ribbon, ruffles and flowers. Oh I am in love! I've been browsing etsy and ebay gawking over all the delicate details and beautiful pastel colors and crossing my fingers that I can get my hands on a few of these and rock them all through the spring and summer months. 
P.s. some of these photos were taken from one of the lovely creators of Doll Eyes, Elena Kanagy-Loux who's instagram I covet daily

Petite Meller

Is her style not to die for??? The music videos are so visually stunning and combined with her ethereal soft voice, oh it's just perfection. I only just found her this weekend but I can't stop drawing inspiration from every aspect of her being!

Honey/Golden Hair

There's a very specific color range that I've been going crazy over for the past few months. It's a light brown, or maybe dark blonde? Filled with golden and honey tones. Warm and sunshiney but natural and understated. ughhh I just love it so much! I'm going to the salon soon to see if I can get something close to this, if not, maybe just add loads and loads of highlights :p

I think by the looks of it, I'm quite ready for spring! It's a good thing too, because here on the West Coast it already feels like spring! We didn't really get much of a winter here, and I didn't even see snow this year (which upsets me greatly) but I guess I need to go with the flow and embrace the pretty sights and smells of spring!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February Fancies

It's February! and my mind is whirling with an overload of ideas and inspirations and various things I want to try this year. 
so let's get down to business. 


Although it is now February and most of the motivation to become super fit and healthy human beings has worn off with the failure of many a new years resolutions, I'm trying to stick with my promise to myself to take yoga seriously and really make an attempt to use it to help my mental illnesses. In the past I have brushed off yoga as something that was just "not my thing." I always had a lot of trouble sitting still in poses for long amounts of time and the meditation aspect never came easy to me due to my anxious nature and wandering mind. But I've discovered that (with aid of other anti-anxiety solutions in play) if I really set my mind to it and be patient with myself I am able to find short moments of peace and relaxation within my practice. Also, coming from a dance background I can't look at all these super fun contortion-level poses without getting more than a little excited to test my limits and see if I could manage to stretch into some of these insanely awesome positions. 
But only time will tell. And trust me, if I do manage to tackle some of the harder/almost ewww-worthy poses, you will be seeing them on here!


Pictured above are a few of the vintage sewing patterns I've managed to collect. 
Being able to create clothing items of my very own has been a dream of mine for many years now. However every time I've sat at my sewing machine I find myself overcome with fear. I get so worried about making a mistake that I find myself just avoiding it all together despite having cut out my pattern and fabric and in all other aspects being fully prepared. But I swear! I am not going to let that happen again! I shall persevere and I shall (eventually) make beautiful garments with my own two hands!
A lot of this recent inspiration to make my own clothes has come from my frustration of never being able to find the kinds of clothes I dream up in my head or from seeing beautiful items in magazines or runway shots that I could never in this lifetime afford (or even manage to get my hands on no matter the cost)
I've probably blogged about this before but I am still just absolutely head over heels in love with Meadham Kirchhoff 

Oh man. I could go on and on about Meadham Kirchhoff. But put simply, I just love everything about it! and I envy anyone who owns a pair of those darling cake-like sparkle platforms. I honestly think about them every day and desperately check ebay in case someone has a pair that they're willing to part with... but so far, no luck. 


Are these not some of the most beautiful cats you've ever seen??
I want 70!
and also, Toulouse has told me that he wants a cat sibling too... so you know... I think I have to give in!


I really wish my hair would hurry up and grow down to my knees already! I chopped my hair off above my shoulders back in October and my ends just now barely touch my shoulders. uggggh. I can be so bad at growing my hair out but this time I am determined! I've done my research and asked around and I have already started a treatment called the inversion method to help make my hair grow faster! I will let you know if it works!
Long flowing locks are just so gorgeous and I really miss doing fun braids and buns in my hair!!

And to end this post I will leave you with some songs that I've been listening to on constant repeat this month.

I'm a Ruin by Marina and the Diamonds
Gooey by Glass Animals
We Exist by Arcade Fire
Florida Kilos by Lana del Rey

That's all for now!