Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I want to do another "inspiration post" but to be honest I'm still feeling the vibes of my last few inspiration posts, but I'm gonna do one anyways.. I'll try and scrape for some different images than the ones I've already posted.
So as it's very clear I'm in love with white lace edwardian style dresses, gardens overflowing with blossoms, abandoned homes, composition dolls and pressed flowers so here's a bit of a continuation to my "ethereal mood board" (which is basically just what I've been reblogging on tumblr)
Preserved Butterflies (and Moths)

annnnd fuzzy lil moths in general...

Girl Interrupted

Old Pointe Shoes

Old Carnival photos

Ddung Dolls (from Korea)

These lil Cake-roll things

(I'm upset that I didn't think of doing this before!)

And that's all for now! 

Beautiful Horror

So I'm just about driving myself insane waiting to find out details of my not-so-distant future so why not kill some time with a blog post?
I recently watched this movie called "We Are What We Are" which is currently on netflix instant queue, and it was surprisingly well done. The imagery was quite inspirational and the soundtrack was beautiful. I actually ended up choreographing a contemporary piece to one of the songs from the score for my audition video. I do warn, that if you aren't a horror fanatic like I am you might want to forgo watching the film and just look at the photos I've posted below and take a listen to the soundtrack on spotify or itunes. 

If you're not faint of heart then go go go and watch this movie! And if you're not so into horror films, I hope you enjoyed these stills and go listen to the soundtrack! My favorite song is "The Last Supper"